The internet is great, unless you’re literally anybody.

Making people Shakespeare, even if their nobody.

And even call them a genius without any wit!

I don’t know maybe I’m a hypocrite, but honestly I’m done with this shit.

So i’ll sell my soul and take a toll

and pray that the trolls don’t get control.

Even if it’s unoriginal, I guess it’s never old

Like a copy pasta or a race between a lion and a toad.

So I’ll post this song and hope to be bold

Even tho I am essentially just doing what I’m told

By society and all who criticize me,

From word to lip and lip to ear and other thoughtless sounds we hold dear

As though the perfect world is near, even if the mold for society is here

On the internet. Where we feel there is nothing left,

Aspired by the tyres to inspire a firing jet

Even if there is nothing yet

So I’ll go to sleep and rise again

And pray I can just hold it in,

That maybe I’ll feel something other than these walls caving in

Since everyone is oppressed but no one is opposed to fitting in

it's hard to believe that this is just a diss, shit maybe even truth. On the facts of slander and youth

With my evidence being that you listening to this is proof. Maybe it’s my final note

Maybe I am breaking and maybe the walls inside are not quaking and

Maybe I can get through the next verse without being doxed, harassed or cursed

But welcome to the internet, a place that is good and set, wethered down and

Filled with innocent rainbows that have been bettened and indebted

Sadly I’m not even close to being done yet.

Oh what's that? Whos there? Are you poor?

Don't worry it’s the life line, everyone is worn

Even if you’re heads sick hey at least there is porn

Because everyone is truly free unless they’re to mourn

Mourn? What’s that? A verb. Meaning? To be saddened by a loss this evening.

Not just a word. So how am I to bourne the thought that someone will mourn the death of someone like- shit man almost went too far.

Oh wait it’s the internet, I can take that car.

A crash and a train but I still rack my brain,

so I can take this pen and kill my inner kid so maybe I won’t be as lame.

Between the rape jokes and nazi kins there really is no limited, hell even the n word has a new meanin’, but here we are still canceling someone for making too much money than them.

Amazing how the economy is a blooming, burst.

Worst than sauerkraut dipped in brostworth,

but we still find it worse because if someone kills themselves their we take their self worth

And make sure it is adjusted, that's when they’ve reached their highest margin,

a new line of profit

because instead of saving people and trying to stop it

we’d rather tell them their problems are invalid. Lies from a side

with an agenda to push but when my school gets shot up at least there's truth.

Oh wait did I say truth? I mean propaganda

because we wait in line for a parkland or a columbine instead of our national anthem.

but hey at least their doing something, right? But wait they're not doing it right.

Because politics is higher than logic so as long as we can tuck ourselves into bed at night

…..and that's all we got.

That’s all folks!

So instead we blame video games and text books and machines with triggers instead of a left hook or the way we treat eachother like soot.

Because obviously taking away a gun will stop people from being smothered.

Eric and Dylan would’ve been more included without a drummer.

If only they drove a hummer,

played sports and kissed ass like their brothers.

Maybe then they wouldn’t have shot 13 others.

But hey! That’s America, oh shit I mean internet!

Making dumbasses famous since 1941,

who needs big brother when we have this much fun?

A Dystopian Utopia full of peace and love, until a meme comes along and we have to make a pun.

Because it’s all fun and games until someone buys a gun

and matches roofs with a thumb.

A cataylistian mind fuck, controlled by the government and antifa.

Well that's somewhat right, but it doesn’t matter because no one knows human rights

But it’s not like I can do anything but run and hide

And hope I’m no longer dead inside

Because who needs pills in a grey skyline

We can’t even mention depression without getting high

But at least we’re the nation of the free, right?

Say I take the toll and break the high

Where I can buy a carbine then smoke some lettuce and drive

At least i'm not drinking, or smoking a cigarette because why on earth would I do that

That's why I’m on fire tonight

As the water gets colder I tire, so I’ll lie down and take my pliers

Attach my braces to arlene, just to get my first kiss.

A final toll, finally bliss

as the sharp pop will come out with a harsh hiss.

And let’s be honest people would only care if I was and unborn fetus or a fish

because it’s my body until I try to do as I wish.

But thats okai, because I have a final request

Before my journey to neverland and a mess

A final test

How can we not love one another, if we are the best?

Now before my finger twitches I’ll have you know I’m upset

But that's okai because you just signed my final regret.

So I’ll tap my head once, three times, four

Maybe my next life won’t be such a bore

As my mind goes through the war

And my thumb pulls string attached to the drawer.

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